KETO lifestyle

For those interested in the KETO lifestyle and need some more info

The Keto Life
In a natural state, our bodies take two to four weeks or more to turn
this switch from burning sugar to burning fat for fuel. The switch
only occurs when carbs are restricted to 30 grams per day or fewer
for most people.

This is where KETO//OS changes the game. By supplementing
with exogenous ketones, we can make the switch happen faster
and start using ketones for fuel within minutes. You will see ketone
levels in the blood rise within 60 minutes of taking KETO//OS.
For those that feel ready to adopt bigger changes in their lifestyles,
there are some steps and guidelines that will help you to make
those changes over time. You don’t want to shock your body or your
lifestyle all at once so it is best to take time and make changes one
step at a time.

Step 1: Add KETO//OS to Your Daily Routine
Just adding Keto OS to your diet while making no other changes to
your lifestyle can provide benefits. There are benefits to doing this
without other changes in your lifestyle.
Benefits include:
• Regulation and lowering of blood sugar
• Reduce appetite by running more efficiently on fewer calories
• Cognitive improvements that include focus and mental clarity
• Inflammation reduction
• Some fat loss due to a decreases in calories and increases in
water and electrolytes
• It’s all achievable with two servings per day or more of KETO//
OS to stay in ketosis

Follow a Keto Lifestyle to optimize your body’s full potential
• Weight loss
• Large energy improvements
• Mood, focus, memory improvements
• Autoimmune disease healing
• Skin health
• Reduction in inflammation that leads to cancer, heart disease,
Alzheimer’s risk, etc.
For those that are ready for a bigger leap into the Keto Life to see
more changes, it is time to adopt a n8tive way of life.

Step 2: Adopt the n8tive Way of Life
Ready to jump into a n8tive way of life? To begin, eliminate added
sugar from foods and processed carbohydrates from your diet.
• Do not consume more than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day
• Increase your fat intake to account for 60% to 70% of your daily
caloric intake. To calculate the number of calories are coming
from fat, 1 gram of fat equals 9 calories.
• Avoid foods with added sugars
• Avoid starchy vegetables like root vegetables, potatoes, corn,
• Reduce your calorie intake
There are benefits and downsides to only going to this point as well.
The benefits of adopting the n8tive lifestyle are:
• Blood sugar becomes regulated, even if your blood sugar is low
• Noticeable reductions in appetite

• Noticeable improvements in cognition, focus, and mental
• Large reduction in inflammation that leads to improvements in
auto-immune and other inflammatory diseases like IBS or acid
• Steady fat loss week over week
• It only requires one to two servings of KETO//OS to stay in this
As your body gets further into the n8tive state, it will stay in a
ketogenic state on its own and blood sugar level regulation and
inflammation reduction will continue to improve, and you will
continue to see fat loss.

Step 3: Join the Keto Life in a Completely n8tive State
In this phase, you can continue to use KETO//OS to boost the
ketone levels in your blood while in a ketogenic state. You are still
going to keep your carbohydrate levels under 30 grams.
A new component is to moderate your protein levels to keep it to
0.7 times your lean body mass. As an example, if you weigh 175
pounds with a body fat percentage of 25%, then your lean mass is
equal to 175 pounds times 100 minus 25% (175*0.75). This equals
131. Take 131 times 0.7 to keep the protein level where it should
be (131*0.7), equaling 91. This means that you should keep your
protein to 91 grams per day.
The benefits of staying in the n8tive state include increases in
metabolism. If you are weight training, you will want to add 1 extra
packet of KETO//OS to your diet before an intense workout.
Another element is intermittent fasting. You want to be sure to eat
all of your food in a 6 hour window during the day. Do not deviate
and eat outside that window.


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